The United Congregational Church at 87 Broadway in Norwich dates back to 1850. Louis Tiffany assisted in a redesign of the church, members of the Tiffany family worshiped there, and Tiffany Windows were donated for the redesigned sanctuary. Those ten windows have Tiffany glass embedded in lead glazing and then set in wooden frames. Several windows have pieces of glass that have broken over the years and need to be replaced to reduce heating costs and improve the ambiance of the building. The windows also appear to have sagged somewhat. We’ve been fortunate to have found some glass from the Chapel windows at the former Norwich Hospital but need funding to cover the repairs. We’ve gotten estimates and are looking into multiple types of fundraisers. Would you consider making a small contribution to our efforts to repair a local building that’s on the National Historic Register?

If so, please contact us by email or call us. 

Additional information on Tiffany from several sources reveals that Louis Tiffany was actively involved in designing windows for many churches, public places and even the 13ft diameter clock at Grand Central Station in New York City. That piece was installed in 1914. Another example of his work is on display at the Lyman Allyn Museum in New London. It was created in 1924 and is called “Come Unto Me”. Another local example of Tiffany Windows may be found at St James Church in New London that has six windows designed Tiffany. 

You can sponsor a pane from $5.00 - plus 

we will do one window at a time and have your name or the name of your company listed as a sponsor.

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Please call Valerie in the office for more information